Rapid Fired Pizza News

Founded: 2015

Founded in 2015, Rapid Fired Pizza is a fast-casual pizza restaurant committed to offering an easy way to enjoy great pizza at a great price.

Pizza lovers can take their taste buds on vacation without ever leaving the ball field this summer thanks to Rapid Fired Pizza’s All Star summer lineup.
July 3rd, 2023
Rapid Fired Pizza restaurants are putting an end to takeout stalemate with their new Deluxe Double Cheeseburger Pizza - zero compromise, ALL the flavor of both.
June 2nd, 2023
Rapid Fired Pizza style! Their best kept secret is back - the Southwest Chicken Bacon Ranch is in store for a limited time only from April 20th, 2023.
April 20th, 2023
Rapid Fired Pizza, have taken inspiration from classic Italian deli cuts of pepperoni to add a whole new dimension to America’s favorite pie - meet the Triple-Roni.
March 3rd, 2023
Forget flowers, move over chocolates, there’s a new hot gift in town this Valentine’s Day thanks to Rapid Fired Pizza.
February 9th, 2023
Rapid Fired Pizza is grateful to continue to give back to pizza fans with the addition of their new nationwide loyalty program.
October 7th, 2022

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